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Gorey Community School
At the forefront of education in North Wexford since 1993
Gorey Community School (points information & links to Irish college websites) (general careers website-lists all courses) (links to British college websites) (nursing courses) (apprenticeship information and links to websites with further information) (military career information) (careers in An Garda Siochana) (educational website) (agricultural courses) (career information and test)  (careers website, information on employment trends) (link to examination papers and marking schemes) (recruitment site, aptitude tests) (information on studying in the EU & further afield) (European Universal Central Application Support Serviceapply to up to 8 universities- study through English) on HEAR & DARE routes-see below) (information on careers in the ICT sector) (information on grants- SUSI) (daily careers updates) (future skills needs) (learning website- covers all junior & leaving cert subjects) study tips (study tips from students who have achieved 625 points in the Leaving Cert!