Green Schools
Green Schools is an environmental awareness programme. It’s a structured themed process. It is an international award scheme. Its aim is to make environmental awareness a part of the life and ethos of the school. It’s a long term goal setting initiative.
Our school is on the 7th theme Global citizenship. This year in Green schools transition year students are making a difference based on the green schools theme ‘Global citizen and waste’. Students are taking part in the green schools module so that they can get involved in the green schools programme here in Gorey community school. This will help reduce litter in the school and in the surroundings and will make students more aware of the consequences of their actions.
The main aim of the Green schools module for students is to raise awareness about themselves and the rest of the world through group and individual projects. These projects include ones on Ty charity work, native plants of Ireland and fair-trade companies in Ireland, researching the different nationalities in the school. The students help maintain the gardens and the quad within the school grounds. Others are honouring past students who died by decorating a memorial garden and painting murals on the walls.
Litter duty is carried out every day during the class period after lunch. All years are involved in this activity, therefore it is making a difference and raising awareness. The green schools notice board is placed outside the staffroom beside the staircases where both teachers and students alike can see it. It is updated and taken care of every week by the students in the green schools modules.
So far green schools have made a difference to both the school and students and we intend to continue making that difference to help the environment, the world and you.

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