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Japanese Speech Contest 2015 winner
5th Year Ryan Daly who came 1st in his category and won a Toshiba Tablet.

Japanese Courses at Gorey Community School
Japanese is taught at Gorey Community School in Transition Year, 5th Year and 6th Year.
Transition Year Japanese
This is a one year module that introduces students to Japanese language and culture. The language element includes basic daily language phrases and useful vocabulary and grammar structures such as daily greetings, being able to talk about hobbies, family, likes and dislikes, tell the date and time, etc. The cultural part of the course includes many diverse topics such as geography and climate, food culture, music, sport, traditions and festivals, etc.
5th & 6th Year Leaving Certificate Japanese Course
Japanese is a 2 year leaving certificate course. Students who start studying Japanese in 5th year will start at the very beginning, so although studying Japanese at Transition Year will be helpful, it is not necessary. During the 2 year syllabus, students learn to read and write the 2 phonetic alphabets, Hiragana and Katakana, as well as learning 105 commonly used characters known as Kanji.
Although Japanese is only a 2 year leaving certificate course, it is recognised as an acceptable Modern Language that fulfils university entry-level requirements. The leaving certificate syllabus, like other languages, comprises 3 elements: an Oral test (25%), and Aural test (20%) and a written paper (55%).

Gorey Community School
At the forefront of education in North Wexford since 1993
Gorey Community School
Ryan at Speech Contest
Well done to the 5th year Japanese students who participated in the National Japanese Speech Contest, especially to Chantelle Esper who came 2nd in her catagory.