Special Educational Needs Department
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Special Educational Needs Department

GCS welcomes and supports students with a range of Special Educational Needs (S.E.N)
We have a large team of trained personnel including teachers and special needs assistants working together with the co-ordinator: Linda Mc Evoy.

How we support students with SEN

1. Small Classes
There are two resource classes in each year in Junior Cycle. The maximum number in each class is fifteen students. Allocation of places is based on:
Assessment tests.
Information from National School.
Psychological reports.
The students in these classes do one less subject than those in mixed ability classes. This facilitates extra classes for Maths and English. They can choose to do a modern language however most choose not to. Students with S.E.N. move from class to class alongside their mixed ability mainstream peers. Students are in their base classes for Irish, Science, Geography and History For all option subjects, they are in mixed ability mainstream classes.
2. Mixed Ability Classes
Students with SEN (example Dyslexia, Aspergers syndrome, ADHD etc) in these classes are supported through additional teaching support.
Team Teaching
*One to one tuition
*In small groups
*Additional Teaching support is subject to allocation of hours from the Department of Education and Science accessed through the S.E.N.O.


The new SEN suite The Rice Ward building was opened in May 2009 and includes a dedicated ICT room, art therapy room, life skills room, withdrawal rooms Library and English room, and a maths room.
Certification for Students with SEN
JCSP (Junior Certificate Schools Programme)
Junior Certificate
LCA (Leaving cert applied)
Leaving Certificate.
Enrolling a Pupil with S.E.N.
In order for the school to support a student with S.E.N. and to access resources for the student through the Special Educational Needs Organiser (SENO), it is essential that the parents/ guardians inform the school at the earliest opportunity.

Prior to Enrolment

Contact the School S.E.N Co-ordinator Ms Mc Evoy.
Provide all relevant professional reports including psychological, medical, speech & language therapy reports and recent school reports.

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