Transition Year

The Transition Year programme in Gorey Community School offers each student a broad holistic curriculum enabling students to develop their own particular gifts, reach their full potential and to develop a love of learning.  Every opportunity is given to enable students to develop powers of critical reflection thereby building independence of mind, increasing social awareness and social competences and nurturing maturation.  It is hoped that by the end of Transition Year the programme will have contributed to the social development of these young teenagers so that they grow up to be autonomous, participative and responsible members of society.

Overall Aims

Transition Year is a one-year school based programme designed to facilitate the smooth transition from the dependent learning of the Junior Cycle to the more independent, self-directed learning of the Senior Cycle - in effect it is designed to act as a bridge between Junior and Senior Cycle.
The TY programme at Gorey Community School provides a broad variety of learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom.  The student's experience of adult and working life contributes to their personal development and maturity.  This, combined with the advancement of general, technical and academic skills, with the emphasis placed on interdisciplinary and self-directed learning are the cornerstones of the Transition Year programme as it is run in Gorey Community School. These aims are interrelated and interdependent and are reflected right across the TY curriculum.

Aims of Transition Year

The comprehensive TY programme offered by Gorey Community School aims to improve skills and encourage maturity by providing a variety of opportunities to allow for:
·the discovery of personal strengths
·learning about leadership, co-operation and dealing with conflict
·working as part of a team
·developing enterprising skills
·sample and discovery of new subjects
·making informed choices on Leaving Certificate subjects
·building a solid foundation for the Leaving Certificate
·knowledge of the working world
·discovery of career opportunities
As a result students explore their own talents and abilities beyond the classroom and can be expected to take on responsibility for themselves and their futures.

Transition Year Curriculum

Gorey Community School has designed its TY curriculum to be a dynamic programme, placing continuing emphasis on academic excellence and achievement.  The curriculum is designed on the best combination of teaching and learning strategies thus facilitating cross-curricular work, experiential learning and activity-based learning.  This balance allows the student to become aware of their multiple intelligences and encourages the development of a wide range of cognitive and emotional processes.  It aims to improve and encourage the development of the range of intelligences including the spatial, the logical-mathematical, the bodily-kinaesthetic, the inter-personal and intra-personal, and finally the musical and natural intelligences.  The TY curriculum provides a broad and balanced education programme which is learning-led rather than exam-led.  This encourages a variety in teaching and learning styles, thus developing life skills where students are led to the point where self-regulated learning takes place.
The TY curriculum is a balance between the academic and the non-academic and is regularly reviewed and assessed by both teachers and students.  As a result subjects on offer are subject to change and revision each year.
Transition Year
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