History Tour to Berlin 2015
History trip hoodie pic
Berlin Bound!

The History students are holding one of the specially designed and printed

A large group of History students from Gorey Community School participate
in an annual tour; last year it was the Big Apple, this year one of the
most interesting and fascinating cities on the planet; Berlin.  Unique in
its history, a city once devastated after a world war, then divided by the
infamous wall and later the liberation of its people.  Today the city is a
happening, tolerant, cosmopolitan style capital.  Over 40 teens, who are
studying History will travel at the end of the month for a 4-day trip.
Highlights will include; a Third Reich Tour, a Cold War 'experience', a
tour of the Reichstag parliament and a visit to Potsdam and Wannsee.  The
Gorey gang doesn't need to worry about the central European cold weather;
each student will receive a specially-designed and printed hoodie!
Featuring an iconic image of an old Trabant (the East Berlin communist car)
from the Berlin Wall, with the number plate featuring '9-11-'89', the
fateful night the Berlin Wall fell, proving to be a nice souvenir for a
trip they will hopefully never forget!

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Gorey Community School
At the forefront of education in North Wexford since 1993
Gorey Community School
Students from Gorey Community School who will shortly be travelling to
Berlin; Cameron Reynolds, Lauren Nolan and Jean Salonga, pictured here with
their History teacher Ms Liz Russell.