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               1  Year Optional Subjects

                           Home Economics                             Materials Technology (Wood)
               The new home economics syllabus is                 Wood work is an interesting and useful
               designed to provide students with the              subject.  Half of the course is based on
               knowledge, skills and attitude that will           learning about trees and wood.  You will
               enable them to take control of their own           learn about all the different tools you use in
               lives at present and in the future. It is          woodwork.  The other half of the subject is
               concerned with the way individuals and             practically based, where you have the
               families manage their resources to meet            opportunity to make projects such as toy
               physical, social and                               cars, boats, desk organisers and more.
               economic needs.  Topics studied are :- Food        In the Junior Certificate you have to make a
               Studies, Nutritional and Culinary Skills,          larger project.  This is worth 66% of the
               Resource Management and Consumer                   marks for your Junior Certificate.  The other
               Studies, Social and Health Studies, Textile,       34% comes from a written examination.
               Fashion and Design.  The Junior Certificate        Woodwork is an enjoyable subject with
               Home Economics Exam is structured as               great variety and opportunities for students.
               follows.                                           It leads on to Construction Studies for the
                                                                  Leaving Certificate.
               Food Studies  45%
               Project        15%
               Written Exam 40%                                                  Technology
                                                                  Technology involves working with different
               The subject is available to boys and girls.  It    materials, mainly wood, plastic and metal.
               is a relevant and important subject for all        You will learn how to work with all of these
               young people.  It prepares students of both        materials and use them together in projects.
               sexes for life in a consumer orientated            Electronics is also a part of the course where
               society and provides a good knowledge and          students will have to incorporate a small
               skill based learning foundation for those          electro-mechanism into projects.
               seeking employment in a wide range of              In third year you will have to make a project
               careers.  It leads onto Home Economics             incorporating everything you have learned.
               (Social & Scientific) for the Leaving              This will account for 50% of the overall
               Certificate.                                       Junior Certificate mark.  The other 50% will
                                                                  come from a written examination.  This
                           Classical Studies                      subject leads on to Technology for the
               Classical Studies will bring you on a              Leaving Certificate.
               fascinating voyage of discovery around the
               ancient worlds of Greece and Rome.                                 Religion
               You will learn about the lives and customs         Religion is now available as an examination
               of these ancient people by looking at their        subject at Junior and Leaving Certificate
               gods on Mount Olympus, by watching their           levels.  All students take religion as a
               gladiators fight in the Colloseum, by              pastoral subject in first year.  Those wishing
               studying their heroes and knowing their            to take it for their Junior Certificate exam
               wars.                                              may do so and the remainder will continue
               Classical Studies is not just about history, it    with religion as a pastoral subject.
               is about art, architecture, archaeology,
               religion, drama, literature, poetry,
               mythology—it is all about people, all great
               and wondrous people of our past.  It leads on
               to Classical Studies for the Leaving
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