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Business Studies                                 Technical Graphics

                                                                  Technical Graphics is a subject where
               Junior Certificate Business Studies is split        students learn to communicate their
               into two areas-namely accounting and a             thoughts and ideas through drawing.  The
               study of both household and business.              subject requires a good level of
               Topics                                             concentration and attention to detail.  The
               include: budgeting, banking, insurance,            subject
               forms of business ownership, industrial            covers areas from draughtsmanship to 3
               relations and marketing and also household         dimensional representation and sketching.
               and business accounts.                             Students learn how to make models.  They
               The course is very practical and will benefit      explore areas such as industrial design and
               everyone as it is related to everyday life.  A     architecture.  Pupils learn the basics of
               lot of learning is required as it is theory        computer aided design (CAD).  Students can
               based and also formats of  various accounts        progress to do an architecture module in
               need to be studied.  Anyone who has an             Transition year or move on to do Design and
               interest in business and likes performing          Communication Graphics (DCG) for the
               calculations will definitely enjoy this            Leaving Certificate
               practical and varied course.  It leads onto                          Music
               three Leaving Certificate subjects-                Junior Certificate Music looks at many areas
               Accounting, Economics and                          such as music from other countries and eras,
               Business.                                          composing music and performing.  Students
                                                                  will become familiar with music through the
                         Art, Craft & Design                      ages, from classical to rock and have the
                                                                  opportunity to take up an instrument of their
               The Junior Certificate Art course is roughly       choice.  The Junior Certificate exam is
               divided up into three areas.  The art and          divided into three sections-written, listening
               design aspect involves painting, drawing and       and performance.  Students who have a
               making posters using a variety of different        passion for music will really enjoy this
               materials.  There are a number of different        subject.  Students who study music for the
               areas you can explore in the craft area            Junior Certificate have the option of
               including pottery, textiles and printmaking.       continuing  with the subject for the Leaving
               Art is an enjoyable subject with great variety     Certificate.
               and opportunities for students.
               The Junior Certificate exam is divided into            Materials Technology (Metal)
               two areas.  There is a large project which         Metalwork involves the manipulation and
               takes about seven months and is worth 75%          processing of different metals and plastics.
               of the overall mark.  There is also a drawing      It incorporates the nature of materials, CNX
               exam which takes two hours and this is done        lathe programming electricity and
               after the project is completed.  This makes        electronics, structure’s mechanisms and
               up for the remaining 25%.  Art is also             graphics and design.
               offered a s a Leaving Certificate subject so       Students are encouraged to become actively
               those students who like it can study it for a      involved in design and technology and in
               further two years                                  making things for a specific purpose.  For
                                                                  the Junior Certificate 75% of the
                                                                  examination is practically based and a

                                                                  theory examination makes up the remaining
                                                                  25%.  The subject leads on to Engineering
                                                                  for the Leaving Certificate.
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