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The Irish Stream ‘Sruth’

               This year a new initiative was introduced in Gorey Community School an all Irish stream or

               Fourteen students in 1  year are studying their nine subjects through the medium of Irish.  The
               subjects are as follows:  Irish, English, maths, History, Geography, Science, CSPE, Religion and
               PE.  To date all the feedback from parents and students themselves has been positive and
               reaffirming.  Bear in mind that only half of the students in the ‘Sruth’ have come to us from a
               Gaelscoil, the other students have all come from English medium Primary Schools.

               Most of the teachers of the ‘Sruth’ are Irish teachers.  They and the other members of staff
               teaching the ‘Sruth’ attended in-service courses over the summer to improve and polish their
               spoken Irish.  They are a team of teachers with a passion for their subjects and a commitment
               to the Irish language.

               So why would your son/daughter choose the ‘Sruth’?.

                   •  If the student has already attended a Gaelscoil this new initiative affords them the
                       opportunity to continue their education through Irish locally.
                   •  The small class gives each student more attention and greatly helps with the settling in
                       process to secondary school.
                   •  The Oral Exams in Irish at both Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate level are now

                       worth 40% of the total mark.  Studying and experiencing school through Irish can only
                       be of benefit to the student.
                   •  For those students who have attended an English medium Primary School, the ‘Sruth’
                       gives them an opportunity to bring the language they have been learning into their daily
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