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  In the Leaving Certificate exam the paper is quite predictable as you will have covered all
               the material in class.
            Agricultural Science

                             This is one of the fastest growing subjects on the curriculum and is the fastest
                             growing science subject, with the numbers studying it increasing by over 500 a
                             The programme of study covers the following topics:

                             the rearing of animals,      the growing of crops soil types,
                             genetics,      ecology,
                             animal and plant science.

        Practical Work and Projects form an important part of the course and are assessed by the
        Department of Education and Skills and account for 25% of the final marks in the Leaving


        This is a good subject to study with Biology and / or Geography due to the overlap in course

        Some experience of Farming/Gardening is desirable.

        Students who apply themselves and are willing to work hard can do extremely well at this subject
        at Higher Level.

        Agricultural Science is recognised as a laboratory science subject for many 3  level courses
        including nursing- students should check science requirements on Qualifax.

        Careers in this area include: Greenkeeping, Horticulture, Food Science, Agricultural Advisers,
        Sports Turf Management, Environmental Science, Forestry, Farming, Marine Science, Teaching,
        Careers in Renewable Energy.


                        The course is divided into three main areas:

                               The Study of Life
                               The Cell
                               The Organism

                        The Study of Life includes topics such as plant and animal nutrition, ecology and
                        the study of ecosystems.

        The cell includes cell structure, cell function, cell division and quite a large section on genetics and
        its recent applications

        The organism includes Diversity of Living Organisms, cell types, cell organisation, plant systems
        and animal systems.

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