Page 11 - Microsoft Word - 5th yr sub choice book 2017
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Within the course there are 22 Mandatory Practicals that on average take two to three lessons to
        complete. Students must write up a report on these practicals and the Report Book must be
        available for inspection should a D.E.S. Inspector visit the school.

              Students should be good attendees as there is only one opportunity to do these practicals
              Students should have an interest in living things, the environment and its conservation,
               fieldwork, biological issues and these modern applications.
              There is extensive vocabulary for students to become familiar with and learn accurately.
              Recording information and drawing diagrams is important.
              Biology should not be seen as the easiest of the Sciences at senior level. There is quite an
               amount of knowledge to learn and process.
              Careers in the area include: medicine, dentistry, nursing, agriculture, education, genetics,
               biotechnology, botony, ecology, environmental science, marine science, microbiology,
               zoology, psychology, astronomy, research.

        Applied Maths

                               Course content:
                                     Constant Acceleration
                                     Relative Velocity
                                     Projectiles
                                     Work Energy & Power
                                     Circular Motion
              Conservation of Momentum
              Simple Harmonic Motion
              Rotation around a Rigid Axis
              Differential Equations
              Newtons Law & Connected Particles

        Exam: Higher Paper - 6/10 questions
               Ordinary Paper – 6/9 questions

        Useful for careers in Engineering, Physics, Construction, Architecture.

        Students taking Applied Maths should have studied Junior Cert Maths at Higher Level.  If you are
        considering Physics and higher level Maths then you should seriously consider taking Applied
        Maths.  Chemistry also works well with Applied Maths.

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