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                                 Course Content:

                                 The course is made up of three sections:

        Section A
              People in Business
              Business Conflicts and their Resolutions

        Section B
              Enterprise and the Management of Business

        Section C
              The Irish Business System, E.U. and International Business


        It is not absolutely necessary to have studied Business Studies at Junior Certificate Level for admission into
        Leaving Certificate Business but it would be an advantage. It is essential to keep up to date with current
        affairs and the news.

        Higher v Ordinary Level:

        Course content for both levels is almost identical. The difference between the levels at Leaving Certificate
        lies in the exam paper where ordinary level questions require less information and the questions are also
        less complex.


        Business would be of great benefit to anyone considering a course in Business on completion of the
        Leaving Certificate. It is a useful subject for careers in areas such as Banking, Insurance, Administration,
        Marketing, Business Management and Human Resource Management. Business would be useful to
        anybody contemplating starting his or her own business in the future.


        Students do need to be informed before taking Business for Leaving Certificate that the course is largely
        theory based and therefore taking business for Leaving Certificate requires a great amount of learning.
        Having stated this, the material is very practical and interesting to someone of a business mind.

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