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Home Economics (Social & Scientific):

        An applied subject combining theory with practical work, which enables students to take care of their lives
        at present and in the future, whether that be at home, in further education, in the world of work or other life

        Course Content

            A.  Food Studies 45%
            B.  Resource Management & Consumer Studies 25%
            C.  Social Studies 10%
            D.  Elective 20%:  Elective choice:

                              1. Social Studies,
                              2. Textile, Fashion and Design,
                              3. Home Design and Management.

          Practical work is an integral component of this subject.  During 5  Year students carry out practical and
            written assignments, which account for 20% of their result at Leaving Certificate.
          There is a significant amount of theory to be covered which requires commitment and concentration.
          Having stated this, the material is practical.
          It is expected that students choosing to study Home Economics at Leaving Certificate level will have
            completed the Junior Certificate course.

        Level Difference: The syllabus for this course has been designed as a common syllabus for both levels.
        Some material is designated Higher Level only. This material is an extension of ordinary level. Higher level
        students will be expected to demonstrate a greater depth of understanding of concepts, processes and
        principles and a greater degree of proficiency in skills, both practical and procedural.

        Assessment:  A terminal written exam and assessment of assignments.
                       There is no practical cookery examination for the Leaving Certificate.

        Why choose Home Economics?
        It is a subject for both genders which provides learning for life.  It also provides a learning foundation for
        careers in the food industry, tourism, clothing & design, health & social services, interior design &

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