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Do I Need This Subject?

                     Go to
                     Select: Parents/Family
                     Choose: Useful Tools
                     Select: Minimum Subject Requirements
                     Click: Leaving Certificate Subjects
                     Choose: Any Leaving Certificate Subject (eg Chemistry)
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                     Select: View Courses (all courses requiring the subject will be listed).

        Subjects Offered by Gorey Community School:

        There are three subjects which are compulsory: Irish, English and Maths.
        Students must then choose a further four subjects from the following groupings:

        Languages             Laboratory                   Social Studies
                              S  c  i  ence

        Spanish               Ag Science                   Classics
        French                Physics                      Geography
        German                Chemistry                    History
        Japanese              Biology                      Religion
                                                           P  o  l  i  t  i  c  s     &     S  o  c  i  e  t  y

        Business              Applied Science              Artistic
                              /  Technical                 Group
        Accounting            Construction                 Art
        Economics             Engineering                  Music
        Business              Technology
                              D  e  s  i  g  n     &     C  o  m  m  u  n  i  c  a  t  i  o  n  s
                              H  o  m  e     E  c  o  n  o  m  i  c  s     (  S&S)
                              A  p  p  l  i  e  d     M  a  t  h  s

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