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              UCC, NUI Galway,UCD, Maynooth University, Pontifical University of St. Patrick’s College
               Maynooth, St. Angela’s College Sligo and the Royal College of Surgeons require a pass in a third
               language for most of their courses.
              Other colleges have it as a requirement for certain courses that have a large language component.
               Eg: European Studies, Languages & Marketing,
               Hotel Management, Languages & International Tourism.
              Entry to the Cadetships in the Defence Forces requires a third language.
              NCAD require a third language or Art
              Many science and engineering courses include the study of Technical French or German ab initio
               (from scratch).

        NO Third Language is required for:
              Trinity College, University of Limerick, D.C.U., and the Institutes of Technology unless it is a specific
               course requirement (a pass in Irish will suffice).
              Business, Law, Accounting, Finance, Engineering & Science in Maynooth University.
              Engineering, Science & Ag Science in UCD (except for DN037- Biomedical, Health & Life Sciences)
              Engineering, Science & Food Science UCC
              Engineering & Science  NUI Galway (except for GY304 - Biotechnology)
              Gardai, Nursing, Apprenticeships and most PLC Courses

            NOTE: Students who hold an exemption from Irish and/or a foreign language should see a Guidance
            Counsellor regarding possible implications of this at Third Level.

        This information is correct in February 2017 but is subject to change - check with the
        course provider or your Guidance Counsellor.

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