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                                     Currently at least one science subject is required for entry to 203
                                     CAO courses.
                                     If you are applying for anything in the Engineering, Medical, Nursing,
                                     Paramedical (Radiography, Physiotherapy, Human Nutrition/ Dietician,
                                     Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory, Podiatry, Veterinary Nursing etc) or Science
                                     areas at University you need to have a minimum grade O6/H7 in at least one
                                     Laboratory Science Subject.
                                     Course requirements should be checked on an individual basis.

        Chemistry is required for:

              Human Nutrition & Dietetics; Public Health Nutrition DIT
              Dentistry UCC and Medicine UCC (plus either Physics or Biology)
              Veterinary Medicine UCD (please note that applicants to this course will be required to demonstrate
               that they have acquired at least 2 weeks practical experience relevant to animal handling or
               veterinary practice).
              Pharmacy TCD, UCC, Royal College of Surgeons
              Medicine - 5 year programme NUI Galway & RCSI
              Medicine (highly recommended for medicine in UCD, TCD, UCC, NUI Galway & RCSI)

        Biology is required for:

              Genetics UCC
              Human Health & Disease TCD
              Strongly recommended for Veterinary Medicine in UCD.
              Very useful for P.E. teaching with Biology in D.C.U.

        Physics is required for:

              Theoretical Physics TCD
              Anyone considering courses in Engineering or Electronics would be encouraged to study Physics

        Bonus Points for Higher Level Mathematics:

        Any student who achieves a grade H6 or higher in higher level maths will earn an extra 25 points in their
        Leaving Certificate.  To calculate your points: FIRST add 25 points to the points achieved for your maths
        result, THEN select your best 6 subjects.  Eg if you get a grade H5 (56 points) in higher maths, add 25
        points giving you a total of 81 points.

        Foundation Level Maths is recognised by many colleges for matriculation purposes but not for points.  A
        small number of courses allow points for Foundation Level Maths.
        Further information is available from college websites.

        New for 2017:  Any student who gets a H7 (30-39%) in their Leaving Cert will now receive 37 CAO points.
        Please note that bonus Points for Higher Level Maths cannot be added to a H7 grade in Maths.

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