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                                Topics covered include:

                                      Light/Sound
                                      Mechanics
                                      Temperature/Heat
                                      Electricity
                                      Magnetism
                                      Radioactivity
                                      Particle Physics or Applied Electricity for Honours candidates
                                      24 Mandatory Experiments to complete.
              A student with good mathematical ability does well in Physics, as problem-solving skills are

            Physics helps students with real life situations - for example:

            Car crasher/car safety,
            How speed traps work,
            Does the space shuttle orbit the earth?
            How does a motor work?
            Why do diamonds sparkle?
            Why is the follow through in golf and snooker important?

              A minimum of a C in Higher Level Junior Certificate Science is required for admission.
              Students must have a good aptitude for maths. Students who do honours maths in the
               Junior Certificate perform very well in Leaving Certificate physics.

            Students who are interested in the following careers would be advised to study Physics:
            Electrician, Optician, Doctor, Dentist, Engineer, Computer Technician, Programmer.


                            Course content includes:
                                 History of famous scientists and discoveries in Chemistry
                                 High detail on Periodic Table and Atom
                                 Lots of detailed but interesting and accurate chemical analysis
                                 Organic Chemistry – will learn about chemicals in everyday life eg.
                                   Drugs, plastics, how the breathalyser works!
                                 Water Analysis
                            Ordinary Level covers most of the areas that are covered for Higher Level but is
        much simpler and contains far less calculations.

        Careers: it is most useful for careers in Pharmacy, Ag Science, Medicine, Engineering, General
        Science and Biotechnology and those going into these faculties without it may find themselves at a

              A minimum of a C in Higher Level Junior Certificate Science is required for admission.
              Pay attention to course content at Junior Certificate Science as a lot of basics are taught
               here – come with as good a background as possible.
              You must be reasonably good at problem solving

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