Please read the following informarion from Mr. Finn and then click the link in blue below to download 'Book Grant Application' form. Scroll down for Booklists for all years.

Dear Parent/Guardians,

As you may be aware money has been allocated to Gorey Community School for the purpose of a Book Grant Scheme.  This scheme is designed to assist students to purchase their books where there is a genuine need for assistance.  To qualify for this scheme the applicant must be in receipt of a family Medical Card.
If you do not qualify under this criteria, but still feel that you need assistance please contact the Principal in writing, detailing your particular circumstances and need for support.  This should be submitted on or before Friday 11th May 2018 marked for the attention of Mr. Finn.
We have made a concerted effort to retain no change to school books from last term.  It is therefore hoped that by receiving this year’s book list earlier than usual you will have the opportunity to source as many second hand books as possible.

For the remaining books here is the procedure for application to the “Book Grant Scheme”.

1.Return your “Book Grant Scheme” form to reception before Friday 11th May 2019.  Applications after this date will not be eligible for consideration as there are limited funds available.

2.If you are successful in your application you will be issued with a voucher from this school, you may then bring this voucher to 'South East Stationery' or 'School and Office Supplies' and place your order.  These are the only shops that are authorised to accept your voucher.  They will fill your order to the value we have assigned to it.

3.Vouchers may only be used for school books.  There is no cash return on vouchers and any remaining balance on the voucher will be returned to the school to be used for other students.  It is also non-transferable between students. 

4.Transition year students do not receive a grant as their books are supplied in school.
Your application form will be treated with the strictest confidence

Micheal Finn.

To View or Download application for book grant 2020/21 (pdf) Click HERE

The latest booklists for 2020/21 are now available to download click HERE

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