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The Junior Cycle is changing

In 2014, the new junior cycle was introduced into Irish schools. Over the coming years your child will experience newly developed subjects and short courses. and will find that their learning has a significant focus on key skills and wellbeing.
Your child will be on an exciting three year learning journey which will also include new approaches to assessment and reporting.

If your child was in First Year in September 2016 they will experience and take part in the new approaches to learning and assessment in English, Science and Business studies classes


What will the new junior cycle do?

The new junior cycle will allow schools to develop a high quality programme that meets the needs of their students and fits the context, environment and community of the school.

The Framework for Junior Cycle aims to create the conditions where schools, in planning and organising their junior cycles, can focus on the learning taking place in classrooms. The Framework is designed to support the kinds of learning experiences that help students connect to and engage positively with learning. Through its breadth and flexibility it encourages innovation and supports creative learning in the classroom.

In moving away from a focus on a terminal centrally provided examination, it re-positions assessment where research tells us it matters most – in classrooms.  It also facilitates schools in ensuring that literacy, numeracy and key skills are embedded in the learning taking place.

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