Gorey Community School provides Post Leaving Certificate (PLC) day time courses at NFQ Level 5 and 6 in the areas of Art, Design and Film at Gorey School of Art. All of our courses are awarded by Quality & Qualifications Ireland (QQI), formally FETAC. We also provide a wide range of QQI and third level accredited courses during the evening through our Adult Education Department. All of our further education courses are represented by two dedicated websites:

www.goreyadulted.ie | www.gsa.ie

Below is a list of day-time courses we provide.
QQI (formally FETAC) Level 5 Courses


Our portfolio preparation course is designed to help students successfully access 1st year places on leading art, design and other specialist degree courses in Ireland and abroad. The core subjects covered on this course include Drawing, Painting, Print, Design, Photography and Sculpture. Teaching methodologies include group seminars, tutorials, cultural studies lectures and group discussions.

This full-time FETAC Level 5 course covers portfolios for Fine Art, Visual Arts Practice, Visual Communication Design, Photography, Animation, Fashion, Interior Design, TV & Film Production, Design for Screen & Stage, as well as Model Making, Design and Digital Effects.

Over the years, students from this one-year full-time course have been accepted in large numbers on to some of the most exciting and prestigious courses in Europe. Some of these courses are Model Making for TV & Film Production, Fashion Design, Film Production, Photography, Fine Art, Theatre Set Design and Visual Communications. Our students have gone on to attend some of the best colleges in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and Germany. Our portfolio preparation course delivers a cross-disciplinary structure, exposing students to all aspects of the visual arts. In practice this means that the staff can build the course around the individual needs of each student. Every student is provided with a studio space and given the opportunity to use a wide range of media. The development of the student’s work relies on set projects, group critiques and one-to-one tutorials.

Drawing and visual research are key elements of any portfolio. From experience we can determine that the large majority of portfolios submitted to third level colleges rely on a students ability to describe visually, through drawing, observations from life. Also fundamental to any portfolio is the ability to develop an idea. Both of these aspects, along with a broad range of other subjects are delivered by tutors who are both encouraging and supportive, helping to create a positive and productive atmosphere where students can realise their creative potential.

For more information about this course, including an online application form, please click HERE for further information.

DRAWING & PAINTING (Part-time)* 

This new course is based around the principals of flexible learning, which is an approach to learning that expands your choice on what, when, where and how you learn. Flexible learning consists of Irish accredited programme or modules on the National Frameworks of Qualifications that are not facilitated through the CAO. On this course, students will be given the opportunity to acquire and develop skills in Drawing and Painting. The part-time programme offered here is designed for mature students who are actively engaged with life long learning. The course structure follows a third level format and at different points throughout the programme, demonstrations will be given by tutors to enable students to acquire the knowledge and skills to progress with confidence. Each subject is given a number of time blocks ranging from 2 – 4 weeks. The major focus of this course is Drawing and Painting; however, these are complimented by Art History & Appreciation. Throughout the year students will have access to a studio space from Monday – Friday, however, tutor contact occurs over two set days per week.

For more information about this course, including an online application form, please click HERE for further information.

* not recommended for students interested in preparing a portfolio for college applications.

QQI (formally FETAC) Level 6 Courses


This one-year full-time FETAC Level 6 course focuses on fine art disciplines such as Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Combined Materials, Printmaking and Cultural Studies. Students from this course can proceed by direct entry to 2nd Year of Fine Art degrees in Ireland and the UK.

Successful students from this course can apply directly to second year of a degree programme in Art, Fine Art, Design, Visual Arts Practice, Ceramics or Art & Design Education in colleges such as the National College of Art & Design, Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Crawford College of Art & Design and Limerick School of Art. In the four years since its inception, this course has gained national recognition as a tour de force in art education resulting in 58 students gaining entry directly into second year degree programmes.

Project work directs the student towards experimentation and investigation. Through this process the student acquires the skills, knowledge and confidence to enable them to progress with their personal development in the field of fine art. Cultural studies and studio projects are taught along parallel lines, and while a solid platform in art practice and art theory is provided from within the school, it is augmented by external visiting lecturers and artists ensuring an awareness of current art practices..

Recently NCAD opened an access route for students to apply to Year 2 of the Education faculty at NCAD. This will allow successful students to realise a qualification that recognises them as qualified second level art teachers after spending just 3 years in college. This is of course a benefit to the student and parents as the financial burden of putting a child through college is reduced considerably.

Over 90% of students from this course have secured places on second year degree programmes in art or related areas. GSA is currently the most successful centre in Ireland in offering these specific opportunities.

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This full-time advanced portfolio preparation course is designed to support students make 1st and 2nd year applications to specialist TV & Filmmaking, Photography and Fine Art degree courses in Ireland and the UK, as well as training students for employment potential in the field of video editing. Tutors will teach students the art and craft of Documentary Filmmaking & Photography and instruct students through a strict regimen consisting of lectures, seminars, hands-on workshops, and supervised editing to excel in the creative art of documentary storytelling. On this course, student will:

• Learn the fundamentals of writing, developing, producing and directing a short documentary.

• Study the history of documentary production as well as exploring episodic and feature length scripts.

• Gain experience working as a director, producer, cinematographer, sound mixer, and editor on student productions.

• An in-depth experience working with digital video cameras, Digital SLR cameras and sound recording equipment.

• Reach a sufficient mastery of photography editing software.

• Reach a professional standard in video editing. Utilising our in-house Apple Certified Pro and contracted Apple Certified Trainer, students will be professionally trained in the industry standard video editing application, Final Cut Pro X

• Gain sufficient knowledge of sound design, multiple track laying, and sound mixing to complete and enhance the Final Documentary.

• Gain knowledge of aesthetic film and photography theory, and documentary ethics, and experience with practical application of the same.

• Learn to work independently and collaboratively in a high-pressure creative environment.

As Gorey School of Art is now an Apple Certified Training Centre for Education, students who successfully complete our new Documentary Filmmaking & Photography course have the opportunity to attain academic and industry qualifications simultaneously. QQI Level 6 & Apple Certified Pro in Final Cut Pro X. What does that mean? Well, put simply it means that you can use your academic qualification to apply for a place in year 1 or 2 of a Level 8 Degree and/or use your industry qualification to secure employment.

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Note to current GCS students: Portfolio preparation for entry into colleges of art and design is also available to students at TY., 5th and 6th Year. Please ask your art teacher for details.

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