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Gorey Community School
At the forefront of education in North Wexford since 1993
Gorey Community School

For Mental Health Lesson Video for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year class tutor groups please watch below.
Contact phone numbers

Teen line -1800 833634
Anti Bullying Centre: 01 6082573
Childline:                  1800 666666
Gay Switchboard:  01 8721055
ISPCC:  01 6794944
National Drugs Awareness Helpline:      1850 719819
Parentline (Parents Under Stress) 01 8733500
St. Vincent de Paul: 01 8384164
Wexford Womens’ refuge Project: 1800 220444
Co. Wexford Stress Helpline: 1890 225555 (Wed.-Sun. 7.30p.m.-10.30p.m.)
BeLonG To Youth Services:  01 6706223
(Support for young Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people)
Barnardos Teen Parents programme - - 053 9481014

Home- School Liaison
Support for students and parents is also offered through the services of the Home School Liaison Officer. This facility enables issues and problems to be discussed in the home or in the school at times convenient to parents. Experience has shown that very often unique solutions can be found to problems if they are approached in this manner.
Contact: The Home School Liaison Officer is available through the Year Head or call reception at GCS.

The Home School Liaison Officer can be contacted at