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Gorey Community School
Active Schools flag 2016-2017
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Active Schools flag 2016-2017

Gorey Community School hope to achieve the Active schools Flag in this school year.

We have started off the year with the Be Active Week 12th September – 16th September.

Students in all P.E Classes participated in the just under 1 km Challenge.

First Years took on a rowing challenge and rowed 9200meters in 30 minutes on Thursday.

TY students took on the might of the teachers in a Tug of War challenge.

All students were asked to walk to school or get dropped off away from school and walk in.

This is just the beginning.........

To achieve the Active schools challenge 8 tasks must be achieved by the students of Gorey Community School: We are starting with a fun run the last week of December. All 1st 2nd and 3rd year students will participate. Any staff members who would like to join in are more than welcome. After Christmas there will be an awareness campaign promoting the benefits of physical activity. Any teachers of SPHE,CSPE could get on board if interested. If you are interested in ideas for projects in above subject areas with regard to wellness physical activity and health promotion catch up with me in staff room or email me. Additional information on the active schools flag will be up here on the school website over the coming weeks and months