Ms. Marie O' Loughlin
1st Yr Year Head
A Note from Year Head Ms. O'Loughlin to Parents

We are delighted to welcome your son/daughter to Gorey Community School in September 2021. This is an exciting time for us all. Of course, starting secondary school will involve some change and adjustment for your child. Please be assured that we, the First Year Team, are fully committed to providing guidance and support to all our students and to making the transition as seamless as possible. Understandably, change can be challenging for some. But change can also bring brand new experiences and opportunities.

The past year has been a difficult one for us all. Thankfully, it is now time to look forward to new beginnings. An Information Night for parents will be held in September, either in person or remotely. We look forward to meeting you all then and addressing any concerns that you might have.
In the meantime, we have tried to include some information and practical suggestions that you may find helpful at this point. Most importantly, enjoy your summer and stay safe.

Kindest Regards,

Ms. Marie O' Loughlin and the Year Head Team.


Click HERE for a  message from Guidance Counsellor Ms. Neary

GCS First Year Team

Ms. Theresa Kenny
Assistant Year Head
Mr. George Sunderland
Assistant Year Head
Ms. Muireann McCarthy
Assistant Year Head
Mr. Michael Morris
SEN Coordinator
Ms. Mary Redmond
School Chaplain
Ms. Davnet Neary
Guidance Counsellor



Information and Practical Suggestions


  • All students will begin an Induction Program on their first day in GCS, ensuring that they get plenty of help to settle in. The Year Head Team, mentors and tutors will all provide guidance and support. Generally, students attend for half days during this program.


  • Students will receive a copy of their timetable on their first day. It is advisable to keep a copy of this timetable at home.


  • We have included a copy of the Book List. Please ensure that the necessary books have been purchased before the beginning of term. (see links below)


  • Students will not be required to have books for the first few days. Some copies and pens will suffice for their Induction Program.


  • Please ensure that your son/daughter has plenty of copies and hardbacks and most importantly, a zip lock folder for each subject.


  • Please read the school's Code of Behaviour with your child before the beginning of term.


  • All school policies are available on our website click HERE to view.


  • If you have any further queries during the summer months, please contact the school directly see info' below.


  • An Information Night for parents will be held in September, either in school or remotely, depending on government guidelines.


  • Download the GCS Mobile App' and check out our school website for lots of interesting and important information. (see links below)

1st Year Booklist

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