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P. 11

Gorey	   Community	   School	   Link	   with	   Colaiste	   na	   Rinne.	   

                In	   September	   2011,	   Gorey	   Community	   School	   launched	   an	   exciting	   new	   initiative	   

                with	   Colaiste	   na	   Rinne	   in	   the	   Waterford	   Gaeltacht.	   	   Over	   one	   hundred	   first	   year	   	   
                students	   attended	   Irish	   College	   over	   three	   weekends	   in	   April	   and	   a	   further	   one	   	   
                hundred	   will	   experience	   Irish	   being	   spoken	   in	   a	   natural	   environment,	   and	   take	   
                classes	   in	   the	   spoken	   language	   in	   a	   safe,	   well	   resourced	   environment	   in	   April	   
                2015.	   	   This	   is	   designed	   to	   be	   a	   fun	   learning	   experience	   for	   our	   students.	   

                The	   first	   year	   class	   of	   2020 - 2021	   will	   also	   be	   offered	   this	   opportunity,	   as	   we	   see	   
                it	   	   as	   an	   incentive	   for	   young	   people	   to	   practice	   their	   Irish	   in	   class	   prior	   to	   

                attending	   the	   weekend	   class.	   

                All	   those	   who	   attend	   the	   course	   will	   be	   entered	   in	   a	   draw	   to	   win	   a	   three	   week	   
                Scholarship	   to	   Colaiste	   na	   Rinne	   next	   summer.	   

                If	   you	   have	   any	   questions	   about	   this	   course,	   please	   contact	   Mr.	   O’Sullivan,	   or	   

                Ms.	   C.	   Walshe	   at	   the	   school,	   and	   they	   will	   be	   happy	   to	   help.	   
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