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              I am delighted to welcome you to Gorey Community School.  Here in Gorey Community School we
              aim for the highest standard in all areas of school life.  We aspire towards excellence and the creation
              of an environment where high expectations and mutual respect are encouraged.

              It  was  wonderful  to  see  Gorey  Community  School  placed  at  number  eighteen  in  a  league  table
              compiled in recent years which evaluated the performance of all second level schools in the state.
              This excellent performance was further enhanced by a number of our Leaving Certificate students
              taking 1  place in Ireland in certain Higher Level subjects and many others receiving scholarships in
              recognition of their outstanding Leaving Certificate results.

              In the past few years, Gorey Community School has received wonderful media coverage due to the
              various  achievements;  academic,  sporting  and  the  arts;  of  our  students.   In  2013,  5 th  year  student
              Szymon Minias won the National Texaco Art annual competition while 2012 saw Olympic swimmer
              6 th  year  Darragh  McDonald  returning  to  Gorey  Community  School  with  his  London  Paralympics
              Gold medal.  The 2013 Leaving Certificate results gained the county of Wexford national recognition
              when Gorey Community School student Mark Berney achieved 9 A1 higher level Leaving Certificate
              grades; the top Leaving Certificate results in the country.  The 2013/2014 school year also saw both
              our Junior and Senior History teams winning their national competitions.

              This  trend  of  excellent  academic  achievement  has  continued  into  2017  with  Chantelle  Esper
              achieving 7 H1 and 1 H3 grades placing her in the top 50 of the 58.500 of the students who sat the

              2020                       three   our
              students achieving 6 H1 grades, placing them among the top academic achievers in the country.
              The holistic development of the person is a strong priority in Gorey Community School and our vast
              array of extra curricular activities supports this philosophy. Many of our students have excelled in the
              area  of  Sports,  Music,  the  Arts  and  Public  Speaking.   Gorey  Community  School  is  a  diverse
              environment  and  every  year  our  students  leave  to  study  Medicine,  Teaching,  Nursing,
              Hairdressing etc.

              Gorey Community School presents each student with the opportunity to achieve his/her potential and
              to have a fulfilling educational experience.

                                          Aims of Gorey Community School

              The school shall be established with the object of providing a comprehensive system of post primary
              education open to all the children of the community, combining introduction in
              academic and practical subjects, ongoing education and generally for the purpose of
              contributing towards the spiritual, moral, mental and physical well being and development of the said

              1. To help students reach their potential in all aspects of school life, practical, academic, creative
                social, cultural and sporting.

              2. To deliver a broad, balanced curriculum in a structured learning Environment.

              3. To promote equity and justice in a caring and disciplined way.

              4. To develop in each student a sense of personal worth and a sensitivity to the needs of others.

              5. To foster a partnership between parents, teachers and students.

              6. To deliver a comprehensive programme of adult education.
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