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The number of core subjects is currently under review in line with the new Junior Cycle.

                                Organisation of First year students in G.C.S.

              Students are generally allocated to classes in mixed ability. This means that
              students are allocated to classes where there is a range of abilities. This
              arrangement exists for all subjects with the exception of maths and Irish where a number of higher
              level classes are created at the beginning of second year.

                                  All first year students study the following core subjects.
              1. English
              2. Irish
              3. Mathematics
              4. History or Geography
              5. Science
              6. Civic, Social and Political Education (C.S.P.E.)
              7. Religious education (RE)
              8. Physical Education (PE)
              9. Personal Development (SPHE)
              10. A European Language French or German or Spanish

              In addition to the above subjects all students must choose three more subjects from the list below:
                                                      Choice Subjects:
              1. Art, Craft and Design
              2. Business Studies
              3. Classical Studies
              4. Home Economics
              5. Material Technology (Metal)
              6. Music
              7. Material Technology (wood)
              8. Religion as an exam subject
              9. Technical Graphics
              10. Technology
              11. Second language (French or Spanish or German )
              12. History or Geography
              Note: When filling out the subject choice form great care must be given to the order of preference as
              this determines the subjects offered. Students are asked to select five subjects from the  above choice
              subject list and place them in order of preference, in case we are unable to offer them their first three
              choices. Students will only study three subjects from the above choice subject list.
              An explanation of the application, content and use of the choice subjects is given on the following
   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11