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Subject	   Choice	   Workshops	   

              In	   March,	   all	   new	   1 	   year	   students	   will	   be	   invited	   to	   come	   into	   the	   school	   to	   book	   their	   locker	   and	   
              have	   their	   photo	   taken	   for	   their	   swipe	   card,	   on	   this	   day	   the	   Career	   Guidance	   Department	   will	   be	   
              conducting	   workshops	   in	   which	   advice	   will	   be	   given	   on	   subject	   choice.	   	   Entrance	   assessment	   
              exams	   will	   take	   place	   in January	   2021.	   

                                             Academically	   Gifted	   Students	   

              Academically	   gifted	   students	   are	   identified	   in	   1 	   year	   through	   our	   entrance	   
              assessment	   and	   Primary	   school	   reports.	   

              This	   cohort	   of	   students	   is	   monitored	   to	   ensure	   that	   their	   potential	   is	   being	   realised.	   

              This	   process	   involves	   examining	   the	   students’	   performance	   in	   house	   exams	   and	   class	   
              tests.	   	   Subject	   teachers	   are	   asked	   to	   complete	   progress	   reports	   on	   performance	   and	   
              potential,	   and	   Parents	   are	   invited	   to	   participate	   in	   the	   progress.	   	   

              Following the Christmas assessments in 1  year, the students’ results are analysed.
              Any students who are deemed to be underachieving are identified and appropriate
              interventions are put in place.

                                                  Tracking of Students

              Students will be tracked academically from entering the school in 1st year right
              though to their Leaving Cert year. This system will monitor student’s grades from
              their primary school report, in-house exams each year and junior cert results. This
              tracking system allow teachers access to vital information about their students and
              assist them in future planning.
              An academic council meets regularly to identify students not reaching their potential
              and appropriate support is put into place. Students with learning difficulties will be
              supported and equally gifted children will be offered challenges and programmes that
              meet their needs.
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