Junior Cycle

All students at Gorey Community School study the following core subjects: Gaeilge, English, Mathematics, Science, History, Religious Education, Digital Literacy, Wellbeing (SPHE, CSPE, Physical Education) and a language. Students are required to choose three more subjects from the following list: Business, French, German, Spanish, Graphic Design, Materials Technology (Wood), Materials Technology (Metal), Art, Music, Home Economics, Geography.

Students are assessed on an ongoing basis throughout the year. In addition, students sit November Assessments, February Assessments and May Assessments. Parents will receive a report for these three Assessment types. Our school also offers the Junior Certificate Schools Programme (JCSP).

Subjects Offered
  • Art Craft and Design (Common Level)
  • Business Studies (Common Level)
  • Civic, Social and Political Education
  • Computer Studies
  • English (Higher, Ordinary & Levels)
  • Geography (Common Level)
  • Graphic Design (Common Level)
  • History (Common Level)
  • Home Economics (Common Level)
  • Irish (Higher, Ordinary & Levels)
  • English (Higher, Ordinary & Levels)
  • Materials Technology Wood (Common Level)
  • Materials Technology Metal (Common Level)
  • Mathematics (Higher, Ordinary & Levels)
  • Modern European Language (French, German, Spanish)
  • Music (Common Level)
  • Physical Education Short Course (Common Level)
  • Religious Education (Common Level)
  • Science (Common Level)
  • Social Personal Health Education
Assessment in Junior Cycle

Junior Cycle students will receive a Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement. This JCPA will reflect a much wider range of your son/daughter’s achievements over the three years of JuniorCycle in Gorey Community School. The JCPA will report on several areas, including:

1. Subjects
2. Classroom Based Assessments
3. Other Learning Experiences


Students will sit state examinations in subjects at the end of their Junior Cycle and the following descriptors will now be used:

  • Distinction 90 to 100 %
  • Higher Merit 75 to 89 %
  • Merit 55 to 74 %
  • Achieved 40 to 54 %
  • Partially Achieved 20 to 39 %
  • Not graded 0 to 19 %
Classroom Based Assessments

Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs) give students opportunities to demonstrate their learningand skills in various ways. CBAs will be facilitated by the classroom teacher during a definedtime period within normal class time and to a national timetable. Please note that there have been revisions made to CBA’s as a result of Covid 19. Teachers will inform students of any changes tothe CBA.

CBAs will be reported on in the JCPA using the following descriptors:

  • Exceptional
  • Above Expectations
  • In Line with Expectations
  • Yet to Meet Expectations
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1st Years Return to School
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1st & 6th Years Return to School
Aug 28
1st, 5th & 6th Years Return to School
Aug 29
1st, 3rd, 5th & 6th Years Return to School
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