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Recommended Reads for Incoming First Years and Junior Cycle Years

               The Carpet People
               Terry Pratchett

                              Carpets are never the same once you've read this. How Munrungs,

                              the tiny people dwelling in separate tribes deep in the carpet, live
                              their lives is inventive and hilarious. But then the mysterious force,
                              Fray, comes sweeping across the carpet. Is it the end of the world
               as the tribes have always known it? Terry Pratchett's carpet empire is an
               enchanting and insightful commentary on how different people of any worlds

               interact. Ages 11+

               His Dark Materials: Northern Lights
               Philip Pullman

               One of the greatest adventures in contemporary younger fiction
               and a wonderful fantasy too, Northern Lights begins the trilogy
               with feisty tomboy Lyra, who is swept from her life among the

               local gangs in a parallel Oxford to the excitement of Lord
               Asriel's search for the mysterious life-force substance, Dust.
               She journeys to the frozen north, a world of armoured bears and witches, and
               the terrifying experiments of her sinister guardian, Mrs Coulter. Lyra's

               dramatic personal journey, and the alarming discoveries and deep and touching
               friendships she makes enable her to survive. Ages 11+

               A Monster Calls
               Patrick Ness

                                Prize-winning Patrick Ness shows exceptional sensitivity in this
                                hauntingly touching story, based on an idea by the late Siobhan
                                Dowd, of how a boy deals with the looming threat of his mother's

                                death from cancer. Denied much information by his family,
               treated as a weirdo by his classmates and a "special case" by his teachers,

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