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Conor is haunted by a monster in his dreams, and struggles to get to grips with
               devastating emotions. How he finds the strength to face the end when it

               happens is both utterly shattering and deeply satisfying. Ages 11+

               Unhooking the Moon
               Gregory Hughes

                              A brave, zany and touching story of how two children take their
                              lives into their own hands when they are left orphaned after the
                              death of their father. Bob tells the madcap adventure that he and
                              his fearless, feisty and sometimes visionary sister The Rat embark

               on. Travelling from their home in Winnipeg to New York, the two survive much
               and grow strong as they live off their wits to survive. Ages 11+

               Bracelet of Bones
               Kevin Crossley-Holland

               When Solveig's father leaves for a new adventure without her,
               she sets off alone from Norway, through the Baltic, along the

               rivers of Russia to Constantinople. High in drama and richly
               furnished in the detail that Guardian prize-winner Kevin Crossley-
               Holland inhabits so comfortably, this is an exciting story of one
               girl's journey from childhood to adulthood. Ages 11+

               Fly By Night

               Frances Hardinge (Macmillan)

                               Orphaned Mosca leaves her uncle's home with only her aggressive
                               gander for company. On her way she rescues smooth-talking
                               swindler Eponymous Clent from the stocks, and together the
                               three set off for a new life in the Fractured Kingdom. Murder,

                               spying and sedition lie at the heart of the headlong plots and
                               counterplots that take place in a fantastical alternative world of
               floating coffee houses and illicit printing presses. The dangers of fanaticism are

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