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Bog Child
               Siobhan Dowd

                              Living on the Irish border during the 1980s, Fergus has first-hand

                              experience of pressure to join the republican movement. With a
                              brother on hunger strike in prison, he also knows what the effect
                              of doing so might have on his family. But he is experiencing all the
               familiar teenage dilemmas – and then there's the find of a child's body long,
               long ago in the bog. Piecing together her history, it seems like the dead child,

               too, had to make choices – and a final sacrifice. Here, important ideas about
               individual and collective responsibility are explored with great tenderness and
               understanding. Ages 12+

               The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

               Mark Haddon

               When Christopher Boone discovers the dog dead on the lawn, he follows in the
               footsteps of his hero Sherlock Holmes and sets out to find out who
               did it. But Christopher's Asperger's syndrome means he finds
               emotions near-impossible to unravel, and Mark Haddon's telling of
               Christopher's unpredictable response to them is original,

               compassionate, disturbing and profoundly moving. Ages 12+

               What I Saw and How I Lied
               Judy Blundell

                              This gripping teenage story charts the rollercoaster emotions of
                              a young girl falling in love. When the second world war ends, Evie's
                              dad returns home and at last she can shake off being treated as

                              a child by her mother. But Evie's first foray into love is based on a
               misreading of the adults around her. How she works her way through the deceit
               and discovers the truth is a moving and beautifully observed journey of painful
               discovery. Ages 12+

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